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Transform your cycling with the Fiido X folding e-bike

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With a unique design and impressive capabilities, this e-bike is a gamechanger

7 Jul 2021

Electric bikes are really opening up a realm of possibilities for the keen cyclist and the casual cyclist alike. For those wanting to tackle routes with just a few too many inclines for comfort, they can open up otherwise unrealistic rides. If you’re more of an A to B cyclist, or you have any conditions that make it difficult to ride long distances, e-bikes can enable you to cycle journeys you might otherwise be tempted to do in the car.

So, whether you’re a long-distance cyclist looking to go further afield, or a commuter cyclist who doesn’t want to pedal the whole way, investing in an e-bike can really transform your riding experience. Meanwhile, folding bikes are a great option for those with limited storage or who need to hop on and off trains regularly.

Rarely do you find a practical and attractive combination of the two, but that’s exactly what you get with the Fiido X, a folding e-bike with an innovative design and an ultra-long life on its 417.6Wh ternary lithium battery that can last for more than 130km.

A relative newcomer to the market, Fiido is dedicated to powering the sports industry with technology, and has come a long way in a short time. In 2020, Fiido launched a crowdfunding campaign for the D11 electric folding bike on Indiegogo that raised more than $1 million. A year later, the company has raised the bar with the Fiido X, which will be released 13 July and has the simplicity of its predecessor but with significantly evolved design and capabilities. You can learn more about the Fiido X here.

Sleek, innovative design

The Fiido X has a futuristic feel to it, with a magnesium alloy frame, which is lighter and stronger than traditional steel and aluminum frames. Magnesium alloy has low density and high strength. It is the lightest metal structural material, with a specific gravity of only 1.8 and specific strength as high as 133, and the frame of the Fiido X weighs only 3kg. Magnesium alloy also exhibits impressive shock resistance and noise reduction, absorbing more than 16 times the energy of aluminium alloy.

A disadvantage of folding bikes has always been the very prominent folding mechanism, so one of the most impressive features of the Fiido X is that you might not even realise it’s a foldable bike at first glance. Fiido’s innovative, hidden folding buckle perfectly hides the folding joint, streamlining the frame and offering easier folding. Once folded, it can easily fit in the boot of a car.

Its electric bike credentials are impressive too. The torque sensor responds fast, accurately and predictably – providing a better pedal-assisted experience and making for a much more intuitive and enjoyable ride. With the 40N/m high torque motor, you'll be able to enjoy the scenery rather than worry about the next big incline. A 7-speed mechanical transmission system ensures the bike can cope with whatever road your route takes you on.

With the rail-type power-providing structure, the bike features a new way to lock the seat tube, allowing riders to easily adjust saddle height. All the cables for this mechanism are neatly tucked away inside the tube, simplifying the design. The Fiido X also features a smart new security feature – a digital combination lock, which prevents the battery or bike from being stolen.

The company is due to launch an app next year which will connect to the bike and will also have a social element, where keen Fiido cyclists can join a community and share their riding experience.

A collaborative approach

With the D11 only released in 2020, it’s impressive to see such a dramatic evolution of design in such a short amount of time. But Fiido didn’t do it alone, the company listened carefully to their customers’ advice on how to improve and refine the design. After receiving feedback from riders, Fiido carried out technical developments, taking the Fiido X to a new level with eight innovative patents, ensuring that its technology stood the test of time.

Keven Wang, the CEO and founder explains: “Our fans provided us some improving suggestions like: smoothing the welding joints, simplifying the wiring of the bike, adding the anti-theft function battery, and upgrading the torque sensor to provide a better riding experience.” For Fiido, the customer always comes first. The company aims to take all potential riders into consideration when designing bikes, and has seen consistently great customer satisfaction.

And e-bikes are not the only string to Fiido’s bow. Fiido has a range of products in the electric sports market. It will soon be launching its first electric scooter, which comes with front and rear suspension, two-wheel drive, and an impressive battery capacity of 1546Wh.

If you’re looking to invest in a practical, attractive and well-designed e-bike, then this innovative folding gamechanger from Fiido might be for you. The Indiegogo pre-sale price of Fiido X is $1099 for super early bird and $1399 for early bird. There is also a lite version starting at $899 which shares most of the innovative features but has a shorter range. Head over to the Indiegogo pre-launch page and sign up with a valid email address to get the latest on the Fiido X.

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