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Ride at the speed of light with the Garmin Edge 1040 Solar

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28 Jun 2022

Sponsored: The Garmin Edge 1040 Solar is both powered by the sun and packed with everything under it

The new Garmin Edge 1040 is much more than just a GPS bike computer. It’s the first unit of its kind to feature solar charging, so you can ride for longer with no fear for your battery.

You’ll also get even better coverage in the most challenging environments, as the Edge 1040 series is the first of Garmin’s GPS cycling computers to feature multi-band GNSS technology for superior signal under dense tree cover, on remote mountain trails and even surrounded by tall buildings in the city.

Beyond its capacity to extend your ride, it is packed with performance features to help you better understand your strengths and weaknesses, coach you through any challenge, and manage your efforts.

With a touchscreen that is visible and responsive in the brightest of conditions and a newly strengthened metal quarter-turn mount insert, Garmin’s Edge 1040 is ready for any ride…

The light brigade

The Power Glass solar charging lens of the Garmin Edge 1040 Solar can extend battery life up to 100 hours in battery saver mode or up to 45 hours in demanding use (based on a continuous average light strength of 75,000 lux throughout the day).

During daytime rides, it can add up to 42 minutes per hour in battery saver mode and up to 20 minutes per hour during heavy use. That’s enough battery life to get you from Land’s End to John o’ Groats on a single charge.

Know your ride

New multi-band GNSS technology helps you find your way in the most challenging environments, providing enhanced positioning accuracy. And you can ride like a local wherever you are, with improved ride type-specific maps that highlight popular roads and trails.

For trailblazers, you can even pause route guidance and off-course notifications while you go off-piste to explore.

Train smarter

The new ‘power guide’ feature helps you manage your efforts better, providing recommended power targets throughout a course, while the ‘stamina’ feature delivers insights based on your power output and heart rate, so you can keep a closer eye on how much longer you can push your effort.

Monitoring of your aerobic and anaerobic capacity gives you a solid oversight of your strengths and helps you compare your current ability to the demands of a specific course.

New dynamic performance monitoring allows you to track VO2 max, recovery time, training load and more to show how you’re responding to training, and you can evaluate your recent ride history to see if you’re training productively.

And for those of us who are allergic to spreadsheets, there are even prompts to complete missed workouts so you don’t fall behind with your plan. 

Climbers rejoice

The Edge 1040 displays the distance remaining and gradient of any climb while you’re following a route or course, helping you gauge your effort.

The gravel and MTB-focussed ‘grit’ feature, meanwhile, uses GPS, elevation and other data to tell you just how difficult a ride is going to be, while ‘flow’ measures how smoothly you descend a trail, giving you a score to aim for on the next run.

Cleverly connected

The Garmin Edge 1040 offers a level of smart connectivity that few GPS bike computers can match. For peace of mind, you can create LiveTrack sessions direct from your Edge and let friends and family follow your real-time location, or even view your entire pre-planned course.

Paired with the Garmin Varia rearview radar and lights, the Edge 1040 can provide alerts on incoming hazards, and there is even compatibility with the Shimano Steps e-bike system allowing you to view a dedicated e-bike status screen.

The ‘grouptrack’ feature, meanwhile, lets you keep an eye on your riding buddies even when they fall out of sight, while a group messaging feature can keep you in touch if you’re separated from the pack. And, of course, you can save your rides and climbs for post-ride review on your device or using the Garmin Connect app.

Simplicity counts

Simplified setup means you can be up and running with the Edge 1040 and ready to ride in moments. Instead of wasting time configuring settings, you can get prepopulated custom ride profiles based on your previous Edge computer, ride types or your sensors.

You can also manage ride profiles directly from the device itself or a compatible smartphone. It really is that simple. A streamlined interface makes accessing the information, courses and tools you need quick and easy and, as with your profiles, you can adjust data fields right from the Edge device or from your paired smartphone.

Buy yours now

The Garmin Edge 1040 Solar (£629.99) and standard Edge 1040 (£519.99 for head unit only, £599.99 for 1040 and mounts bundle) are available to buy now at