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Specialized announces e-bike battery recycle scheme

UK partnership with Ecolamp Recycling Solutions will ensure 100% of battery packs collected are recycled with no materials going to landfill

Will Strickson
29 Apr 2021

Specialized has announced a nationwide e-bike battery recycle scheme in the UK. Partnering with Ecolamp Recycling Solutions, Specialized aims to get ahead of the boom and prepare for a wealth of e-bike batteries to reach the end of the road.

'In the UK, sales of Specialized Turbo e-bikes have more than tripled in the last two years alone, and we believe this is only the beginning,' the brand said. 'To get ahead of the long-term impact of e-bike batteries before their end of life, Specialized UK has established a nationwide partnership with UK-based recycling experts, Ecolamp.'

While as the name suggests Ecolamp mainly organises the disposal of lamps, it also recycles electrical, computer and office waste with the company claiming that 100% of the e-bike battery packs it collects will be recycled and no materials will end up in landfill.

To go alongside this, Specialized hopes to roll out its programme of reclaiming and recycling materials and components internationally from next year, with an initial launch in the US coming later this year. It will also work with consultants to gear future product design towards being optimised for re-use at end of life.

The announcement not only reflects the ever-increasing popularity of e-bikes but also the potential of the technology to be a truly revolutionary solution, especially if renewable energy sources fully take over.

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