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Electric P Line is Brompton’s lightest e-bike ever

Four-speed lightweight P Line gains an electrified equivalent

Emma Cole
12 Jul 2022

Brompton today launches the Electric P Line, which the brand says is the lightest Brompton electric bike ever.

The Electric P Line is, yes you guessed it, an electric version of the P Line which launched back in November 2021, which earned a rave review.

It's a 4-speed folding bike which features a titanium and steel frame, and a suspension block which Brompton says improves control and handling performance. The battery offers three power levels and a range of up to 70km on a single charge.

The Electric P Line costs £3,695 without a roller frame or £3,775 with.

This new electric folding bike is considerably lighter than previous electric Brompton versions such as the Electric C Line Urban and Explore, saving approximately 3kg.

For a better understanding of the options on offer, check out our buyer's guide to the Brompton range.

Lightweight electric assistance

The Electric P Line weighs a claimed 12.7kg on its own and 15.6kg with the battery pack fitted. In comparison the Electric C Line Explore weighs a claimed 15.53kg on its own.

The battery, which Brompton says it developed with Williams Advanced Engineering, offers three levels of power assist and the compact 250-kWh hub motor is integrated into the front wheel.

Riders can toggle the different power modes by either pressing the buttons on the battery pack in front of them, or through the Brompton Electric app.

For the app, riders will need to mount their phone on the handlebars and from there they can control the power mode.

Brompton says riders can travel up to 70km on a single charge and, as per national regulations, the electric folding bike has a max assistance speed of 25kmh.

The folding bike brand also says that the smart torque sensor located in the bottom bracket makes riding the bike smooth and efficient.

The battery pack is detachable and has a shoulder strap to make carrying it easier, and also features a USB port should riders need to charge their phone.

All the makings of a P Line

The Brompton Electric P Line features the same lightweight 4-speed gearing system and titanium rear triangle as the original P Line, which helps to shave the weight off more affordable Brompton models such as the A Line and the C Line.

The gearing system is also the same as on the brand’s lightest folding bike, the Brompton T Line.

The Electric P Line features a dual locking seatpost system which has two alternative positions. Users can collapse it fully to ease storage, or fix it halfway up to make it easier to carry around a city.

The bike is available in the same colour schemes as its non-electric counterpart: storm grey and midnight black.

It is also available with or without the roller rack. Brompton says the roller rack makes wheeling the bike faster and easier, and the rack doesn’t add much to the overall weight as it weighs a meagre claimed 341g.

Brompton Electric P Line vs. Electric C Line models

When compared to the Electric C Line such as the Urban and the Explore, the P Line has the same battery but fewer gears, and as noted earlier it is much lighter.

It is notable that Brompton hasn’t changed the battery technology, which might make the update feel quite minor. Still, the Electric P Line adds a yet another option to Brompton’s e-bike range, giving prospective customers more choice.

Electrifying the P Line creates a lighter weight electric folding bike, which should make it easier for many people to get around a city while lugging their bike along with them.

Brompton Electric P Line price and availability

The Brompton Electric P Line is available now, with either mid or high handlebars.

The Urban model (without roller frame) costs £3,695 and the Urban with roller frame costs £3,775.

Each bike comes with a 7-year registered frame warranty and a 3-year electric system warranty.