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Video: This is what 65mph on a road bike looks like

Matthew Loveridge
9 Jun 2022

SAFA Brian makes incredible speeds effortless

Would you do 65mph on your bike? Ever wondered what that would feel like? Well stop what you’re doing, grab some headphones, select 4K quality and watch this video now – preferably full-screen.

I've been following ‘SAFA Brian’ on Instagram for a while and his brand of extreme POV riding videos – covering road, XC and gravel – has a healthy fanbase for good reason. 

This isn’t the most alarming footage I’ve seen from him, but it’s certainly the most captivating and immersive. It follows Brian for the whole of a fast, open descent on a desert road that takes him roughly 15 minutes from top to bottom. 

The riding isn’t particularly technical by SAFA standards, but his descending prowess is never in doubt as he takes bends at speeds around 50mph, hitting a top speed of 65mph on a long straight. 

You might raise an eyebrow at his forays across the double yellows – I know I did – but he seems confident of his sightlines and utterly in control.

The videography is fabulous, lending the riding a serene quality at odds with the tremendous speeds involved. 

Rather than the intense buffeting noises Brian himself is likely experiencing, we're treated to a muted sountrack of freewheel noises and ambient music, and the effect is rather relaxing. 

Go on, watch it, you know you want to.

Images: SAFA Brian / Youtube

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