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In the Drops: Dhb Aeron kit, Quoc off-road shoes, GribGrab summer accessories, Amp Human lotion and fundraising

Our weekly pick of cool kit and content highlights at Cyclist as well as another playlist and a worthy cause

Will Strickson
27 May 2022

Friday, a cause for celebration and a stark reminder that there isn't enough time left to do all the work you wanted to get done this week.

But enough moaning, this is a celebration: it’s In the Drops time again and what a blessing to have the keys to this kingdom in the final week of the Giro.

We've had a heck of a lot of top-tier stuff published on this website in the past week, too.

We began with Chris Auld’s photos from Giulio Ciccone’s stage win on Sunday and swiftly recapped week two of the Giro while the peloton was resting.

I also took the reins of the Extremely Online round-up featuring the best pro cycling-related social media content of the last week while Robyn was our boots on the ground in Treviso and Chris provided the gallery of the year so far from a beautiful stage won by John Hurt Jan Hirt.

That wasn’t the only pro coverage though, as Ellen van Dijk smashed the women’s Hour Record and Pete Goding shared the photographers’ view of this year's Tour of Flanders.

There were also interviews with the great Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig and the also great Steve Cummings, and we broke down how much money the Giro winner will actually get.

Let’s not forget this week in tech news either, as Specialized announced the rebranding of its hero shoe line to the new S-Works Torch and Enve went hookless and disc only with its new SES wheels.

Finally, Cyclist Big Rides are back and you could join us for rides through Essex and the South Downs, starting and finishing at two excellent breweries. Don’t miss out.

Should we have a look at some kit?

Dhb Aeron 2.0 jersey and bib shorts

Dhb has given its most popular jersey and bib shorts an update just in time for summer (unless the 2022 summer finished in early May).

Wiggle/Chain Reaction’s house brand makes nice-looking, high-performing cycling kit at more affordable prices than the trendy names and the Aeron collection is the headline act.

Designed to be out of sight, out of mind like any good jersey, this short sleeve option is made from a recycled (!) polyester and has updated collar and sleeves, with mesh panels offering extra breathability and an extra rear zip pocket.

It’s available in nine colours too – unless you want to argue black isn’t a colour, in which case it’s eight colours and a shade – so you can match with whatever kit you like.

  • Jersey: £60

But let’s be real – if you’re updating your Aeron jersey, you might as well update your bibshorts and, as you’ll find in a future issue of Cyclist magazine, coloured bibs are all the way in.

Available in burgundy, navy and green as well as two different black options, the Aeron bibshorts 2.0 have kept the same chamois but the main body is now made from a ‘regenerated’ nylon called Econyl and it has added a reflective logo.

With soft straps, wide silicon grips and a mesh rear panel it’s all about comfort, I’d call it out of sight, out of mind but this colour means you’ll definitely be in sight.

  • Bibshorts: £80

Quoc Gran Tourer II shoes

That’s right, it’s another sequel, they’re always better than the first aren’t they? Two of my favourite films of all time are sequels though, so I might be biased (Shrek 2 and Toy Story 2).

This is the second edition of Quoc’s gravel shoe the Gran Tourer, with the first being lace-ups so this is actually a first for the brand’s off-road selection.

That new dial is an in-house production and does include a one-click release to get them off quickly post ride. Ideal for getting them off and clean as quickly as possible.

The single-piece upper is sturdier than before, the brand says, with air holes for ventilation and quick-drying ankle padding so it doesn’t get too much heavier than the 395g that each already is.

Although it doesn’t have a carbon fibre midsole, this pair has a stiffer nylon sole than the older Gran Tourers while maintaining the GravelGrip rubber outsole built for bonus grip and walkability in tough conditions.

What the Gran Tourers really do best though is comfort, as that upper is designed to hug the foot and eliminate hotspots and pairs with insoles that help to absorb vibrations and keep things as soft as possible.

  • £190

GripGrab summer gloves and socks

Before we get started with this one, I have white shoes and a white bike with white bar tape.

Despite their diminished presence on the pages of Cyclist, I’m a big mitts guy, I always have been, and using ones without a strap was a game-changer for me.

These GripGrab Aerolite InsideGrip gloves are ideal for riding in temperatures above 10°C, they’re lightweight, slim fitting – the brand describes them as aerodynamic if you’re interested – and the palm grip is incredibly nicely designed with minimal seams and a soft suede material to minimise strain on the hands.

  • Gloves: £35.95

Of course, one of the most important bits of kit during the summer is socks. Now that they’re not being covered by tights or legwarmers they get their day in the sun, so aesthetics – in my opinion – are vital, and because I wear white shoes, you’ll most likely see me in white socks, but these are available in nine other colours.

The Airflow Lightweight socks aren’t just plain – no logos, no details, you absolutely love to see it – they’re also built to excel in hot weather. I know, hopeful.

Thin and light, they have mesh zones for even more airflow and are made with Coolmax EcoMade fibre that helps to wick moisture away from the skin to de-sweat and better maintain a cool temperature.

  • Socks: £14.95

Amp Human PR lotion

You’ll know doubt know what this is if you follow Geraint Thomas on any social media. Thomas is actually an Amp Human shareholder and ‘athlete advisor’, so gets this out whenever he can. But what actually is it?

It’s a pre-workout lotion for your muscles that is claimed to neutralise lactic acid during intense exercise, in turn boosting capacity and reducing DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

For cyclists you’re probably going to want to apply it to from your calves to your lower back but it can be used on arms, shoulders, chest and upper back if used for upper body workouts.

It's made with 33% sodium bicarbonate, which is what Amp Human says is the key ingredient as a ‘natural electrolyte’, and the brand says it needs to be laid on thick, hence you only get 10-15 uses out of the above bottle, but it's quick-drying so shouldn’t leave you feeling sticky.

You can also reapply if you’re doing an extra-long ride with hard efforts and feel the need. With these sachets being handy to stick in a pocket or bad in those instances.

  • Box of five sachets: £20
  • 300g bottle: £35

What we’re into this week: important fundraising and playlist #6

Okay ‘into’ doesn't quite fit here but we move. Money is a stretch for most of us this year – because of how our society is run – but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to support charities doing important work – necessary because of how our society is run.

I don’t need to explain what Cure Leukaemia are fighting for, and that’s part of the problem, Leukaemia can be developed at any age and the prospect for survival for many adults with blood cancers like Leukaemia is under 50%.

Cure Leukaemia fights to get patients access to new, potentially lifesaving drugs because in situations like this, expensive clinical trials are essential to getting newly developed medicine to patients in need.

Part of their fundraising efforts include two cycling challenges, which I’m sure we can all get behind, in a London to Paris ride and a quite incredible Tour de France challenge that will see 25 riders take on the Tour route a week ahead of the pro race.

Finally, and on a lighter note, it’s time for my next playlist. Cue rapturous applause and cheering. Thank you.

This time out it’s In the Drops #6, featuring 45 songs, and it’s a really good one I think. While there are a few songs in there from artists that are already big time like Harry Styles, Lizzo and Kendrick Lamar, there are a host of incredible tunes from acts I hadn’t heard of or listened to previously.

Personal favourites include Stay by Debbie, GUCCI BAG by MAX, Aquarium Kisses by Rachel Sermanni, One Way by Shamiya Battles, Gold Line by Charlie Hickey and I Hope You Think Of Me by Lily Williams.


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