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Robyn’s Extremely Offline gallery: Behind the scenes at the Giro in Treviso

Robyn Davidson
26 May 2022

My camera died on the second day, but that didn’t spoil a good time in Treviso for Giro d’Italia Stage 18

I arrived in Treviso two days before the peloton would pass through the city on Stage 18 of the 2022 Giro d’Italia, giving me all the time in the world to see the city gradually become louder and more excited about the race’s impending arrival.

From copious pink balloons to flags and bikes galore, the buzz slowly began to generate. Here’s everything but the racing…

Pink balloons decorate the streets of Treviso.

But between the streets – and occasionally under – lies a plethora of canals. The place isn’t called ‘Little Venice’ for nothing.

Paris-Roubaix, is that you?

The Porta San Tommaso stands next to the final kilometre of the course.

More flags!

Near the Porta San Tommaso, a pink flag had been displayed with the words ‘camalo paese di Adolfo Grosso saluta il giro’ – a salute to Adolfo Grosso, who won a stage in the 1954 Giro.


They let anyone into cycling races these days.

My camera broke immediately after this photo. Thanks, Kodak. 

It’s a bit out of context cycling.

Where the magic happens. 

And finally. It looked to be a day for Arnaud Démare, but ultimately the breakaway survived and Dries De Bont (Alpecin-Fenix) won in a four-man sprint to the line.

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