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10+ bikes with the new Shimano 105 Di2 groupset

Excited for Shimano’s new 105 R7100 groupset? Here’s our pick of new bikes built with it

Joseph Delves
27 Jul 2022

Shimano 105 Di2 was a long time coming, but it’s finally here and manufacturers are queuing up to get it on their bikes. With demand still vastly outstripping supply, the release of 105-equipped bikes is likely to be more of a trickle than a flood.

The new 105 is officially available aftermarket in the UK from 5th August, but with just 400 initial units arriving in the country, the odds of being able to mosey into your local bike shop and haggle yourself a deal are pretty low.

Nevertheless, the groupset has started to appear on the spec lists for some brands’ soon-to-be-released bikes. 105 Di2 is likely to be more hotly fought over than a cut-price Billy bookcase at Edmonton Ikea, so you’ll need to get your name down ahead of any bikes hitting the market to stand a chance of riding one any time soon.

How much will a bike with Shimano 105 Di2 cost?

Perhaps not as much as you’d expect. We found carbon-framed bikes from Orro and Ribble for £3,000, while Dolan offers its GXC carbon gravel bike with a 105 build for £2,700.

Dolan is also offering the aluminium RDX for £2,300 and this is the cheapest we’ve seen listed for a 105 Di2 equipped bike.

Read on for a curated selection of new bikes with Shimano 105 Di2.

Our pick of the best new bikes with Shimano 105 Di2

1. Fairlight Strael 3.0

Small UK brand Fairlight claims to have achieved a bit of a coup by securing a stash of the new 105 Di2 groupsets, and is now accepting deposits for builds based around its excellent steel Strael frame. You could apparently be riding one as soon as early August 2022.

Currently, you’ll need to pay a £750 deposit, with complete builds starting at £3,499.

2. Orro Terra C, Venturi STC, and Gold STC

Orro’s trio of drop-bar bikes are all available to pre-order with Shimano Di2. Extremely keenly priced, they also have a rapid promised ETA of 5th August 2022. With the aero-optimised Venturi STC costing £3,150, both the versatile Gold STC and the gravel-focused Terra C clock in at £3,000.

  • Shop 105 Di2 bikes at Orro

3. Ribble

Ribble has options to include the 105 Di2 groupset on many of its builds. Particularly appealing is the £3,499 Endurance SL Disc Enthusiast.

It looks like excellent value too when you consider you get the 12-speed electronic groupset, an aerodynamic carbon frame, and a set of deep-section carbon wheels, it looks like excellent value. Depending on size, Ribble reckons you could also have it as soon as August 2022.

4. Wilier Garda 

A rare bike that’s already broken cover with an actual 105 Di2 groupset bolted to it. Unfortunately, there’s currently no UK RRP or availability for Wilier’s Garda.

However, you’ll be able to pick it up in the EU for €4,900, while the more aerodynamic Wilier Cento10 SL will also feature the groupset and starts from €4,600.

5. Mason Bikes

UK-based Mason is taking pre-orders on its full range of builds which can be fitted with Shimano’s 105 Di2 groupset.

With expected delivery in the first quarter of 2023, pricing starts at £3,595 for the Definition 105 Di2 model.

Currently subject to confirmation, anyone interested can call for more information.

6. Scott Addict

Press pics for the new Shimano 105 groupset featured this rather lovely-looking Scott Addict. However, it’s yet to appear in the brand’s lineup.

Is it a portent of things to come, or just a one-off promo bike?

7. Trek Madone SLR 6 

The radically redesigned Trek Madone is available to pre-order in its SLR 6 format with Shimano 105 Di2 for £6,850.

Not currently listed on the brand’s UK website, you’ll need to speak to your local dealer, although the bike’s arrival date is yet to be confirmed.

8. Dolan

Dolan has a wide range of bikes on which you can now select 105 Di2 at the build stage. We’re particular fans of the Titanium ADX sportive or light touring machine, which you can pick up for a bargainous £3,100.

The Tuono is worth a look if you’re after something similarly relaxed but in carbon. From £2,950 with 105 Di2, like all Dolan bikes, you’ll be free to play around with the rest of the spec.

  • Shop 105 Di2 bikes at Dolan

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