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The 2022 Wilier Garda is an all-new 'entry-level' carbon road bike

Will Strickson
28 Sep 2021

With the new Garda, Wilier takes top-end technology and aesthetics and brings them down to a more affordable price-point

The Wilier Garda is an all-new entry-level carbon road bike that brings modern technology at a more accessible price.

Named after the magnificent Lake Garda in northern Italy, Wilier says, 'The Garda is the perfect bike for people who want a stress-free ride with a modern product.'

The historic Italian brand explains that it has 'refreshed' its entry level carbon offering with a new design packed with the latest industry trends with the Garda sitting above the GTR Team and below the Cento10 SL in the hierarchy.


2022 Wilier Garda frameset

At first glance, the Garda could well sit in the upper echelons of Wilier's road offerings, with aerodynamic shaping, dropped seatstays and fully integrated cables providing an extra clean finish.

A whole new stem has been created for the Garda in order to get that integration, too. The Stemma S is aluminium with a four-bolt front plate and Wilier says is essentially a simpler version of its Stemma SL, it also uses the same headset covers as its Filante SLR, Wilier 0 SL and Cento10 bikes.

It's a small thing, but we can all appreciate the premium aesthetics of integration even if it makes maintenance a bit more involved.


Wilier has also given the Garda clearance for the wider tyres that have come to dominate both road and peloton, with the disc version allowing for tyres up to 32mm and the rim version up to 28mm.

The Garda's frame is made from a blend of carbon that Wilier calls NH-Mod, meaning a mixture of normal and high modulus carbon – the higher graded being more stiff – that helps keep the weight and the price down. The brand says the final frame comes in at 1,120g with the fork weighing 370g.

2022 Wilier Garda range and pricing

While the Garda has disc brake and rim brake models, there is only one setup available with the rim option. That's finished with a Shimano Ultegra R8000 groupset and Shimano RS100 wheels and it's the cheapest of the bunch by a long shot, coming in at £2,840.

If discs are your thing though, there are technically six setups you can choose from with two for each of the main groupset manufacturers.


First there are the two Shimano Ultegra R8020-equipped models, with a further choice of Wilier NDR 38 KC wheels and Shimano RS171 wheels that take prices way up to £4,070 and £3,350 respectively.

The SRAM models come with its new wireless Rival AXS groupset, with wheel options both coming in-house with that Wilier NDR 38 KC or Wilier RX 26, which take total up further to £4,680 and £4,070 respectively.

Finally, at the top of the price list, are the Campagnolo Chorus models, with the same wheel choices as the SRAM they come in at £4,170 and £4,890. At that point, 'entry level' is more than a reach.

2022 Wilier Garda geometry

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