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Science in Sport Protein20: Get to your training goals faster

27 Feb 2019

Get to your cycling training goals faster with the new low sugar recovery bar from Science in Sport, Protein20

Recovery is key to building fitness. To be able to ride day after day and keep making fitness and performance gains, it’s vital to have a well-planned post-ride regime to top up energy levels and consume the protein needed to allow muscles to recover.

Protein is an essential part of the diet for every human, but its importance grows as the training load increases. A normally active person will require a protein intake of around 0.75-1g per kilogram of bodyweight per day, but this increases to 1.4-1.8g per kilo of bodyweight in dedicated cyclists and other people who are training regularly.

If you’re a 75kg adult, that means you’ll need to be eating 105-135g of protein per day. As well as reaching this target, you’ll need to consider when and how the protein is consumed to allow it to be properly absorbed. The experts at Science in Sport recommend consuming between 20g and 40g every three to four hours.

It’s also important to have protein to replenish your muscles after every ride and turbo session, ideally within 30 minutes of the session ending. And although eating real food is the best way to help recovery, preparing and eating a high-protein meal soon after a ride can be impractical – and often undesirable. That’s where products such as bars can fill the gap.

What’s more, if you’re travelling for races, sportives or on a cycling holiday it’s not practical to take a whole 1.3kg tub of recovery powder – and that's where protein bars and gels really come into their own.

The new Protein20 bar from Science in Sport is the ideal recovery companion for the travelling or time-pushed cyclist. Eat one straight after a ride or race, or have it to hand as a recovery snack during the working day, and as the name suggests it’ll deliver 20g of protein to your hungry muscles.

Protein20 bars come in a range of temptingly sweet flavours: Vanilla Cheesecake, Double Chocolate Brownie and Chocolate Peanut Crunch – you’ll think you’ve indulged in a treat when actually you’ll be furthering your progress towards your riding goals.

Buy from Science in Sport | Six 55g bars (mixed flavours) for £15

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