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How Sportful's Fiandre collection will get you through the winter

10 Nov 2021

Inspired by the cobbled classics, Sportful's Fiandre collection combines protection, performance and style

Sportful is a name known to serious cyclists everywhere and it's one with a storied history in the world of pro cycling. The Sportful Fiandre collection offers a complete range of clothing that's ideal for autumn and winter riding. 

The Italian brand has its roots in the Dolomites and it started making performance ski gear in the early 1970s. Drawing on its winter sports experience, Sportful moved into cycling kit in the mid 1980s. It supplied teams including Ceramiche Ariostea and Maglificio Bianchi, not to mention 1990s legend Mapei – yes, that one. The greatest kit ever worn by a pro rider?

Sportful Fiandre: Kit from the cobbles

Fiandre is Italian for Flanders and it’s Belgium's brutal cobbled classics that inform these designs, with feedback from some of the best riders in the world, the likes of Peter Sagan, being used to create highly technical garments for male and female riders.

Flanders is known for its variable weather conditions and as it happens, we in the UK are similarly afflicted by the elements.

The Fiandre range covers everything from warmers to bib tights to jackets and vests, and it's accompanied by a full range of accessories. Fiandre kit offers the utmost protection, high performance, and a healthy dose of Sportful's signature styling.

Sportful Fiandre bib tights and shorts

When you're dressing for chilly autumn and winter rides, a good pair of bib tights is essential to make great bike ride.

The Fiandre Bib Tight is perfect for typical UK winter conditions, with Sportful's NoRain water repellent treatment, and Polartec NeoShell waterproof fabric on the lower legs. Because it will rain.

As you'd expect these bibs are lovely and fleecy on the inside for warmth, but the legs are heavier fabric than the torso section, as your upper half will be protected by your jacket.

The chamois pad is Sportful's TC Pro. This uses a mixture of medium and high density foam to make your butt feel cushioned, but supported.

If you're on a tighter budget, Sportful offers the Fiandre NoRain Team bib tights as an alternative. There are Fiandre shorts too, to bridge the gap between full winter kit and lightweight summer bibs.

Sportful Fiandre jackets, jerseys and base layers

Tights aside, your choice of jacket is critical and Sportful has you covered for everything from summer-adjacent autumn riding, to the freezing depths of winter.

The Fiandre Medium jacket – Medium is the name, not the size – is mid-weight, water-repellent, windproof, and breathable. You can use it for hard riding in the winter, or as part of a layering system in variable conditions.

Sportful specs Gore-Tex Infinium fabric on the front for maximum protection, and NoRain-treated fabric on the back, with vents for extra breathability. There's a nice double collar for comfort and it's designed to fit close, because no one likes their kit to flap around.

But what if you want protection when it's too warm to commit to long sleeves? Sportful does short sleeved options too – such as the Fiandre Pro Short Sleeve Jacket. This uses Polartec Neoshell fabric so it’s fully waterproof. You get way more protection than a summer top, and you can add your choice of arm warmers to suit the conditions.

It's a truth universally acknowledged amongst roadies that base layers are pro, and Sportful has you covered here too. The Fiandre Thermal Layer Short Sleeve base layer for example includes a wind-resistant chest panel of its own, for when you want to stay warm in a lighter jersey, perhaps your team kit.

Sportful does just about every variation on a sweat-wicking theme though, so you have your pick of everything from super light summer base layers to heavy duty long sleeved winter ones.

Sportful overshoes and toe covers

Every winter-hardened UK cyclist knows that keeping your feet warm and dry is half the battle, and this is where overshoes are key.

The WS Reflex 2 Bootie is the nuclear option for full coverage, with Gore-Tex Infinium fabric that’s windproof, water-resistant and highly breathable. As the name suggests, they’re reflective too – we know you’ll be putting in the miles this winter.

On those changeable days we do so love, full overshoes can seem a little excessive, and that's where toe covers are a bit of a game changer. These stop cold air and moisture finding its way into your fancy road shoes’ toe vents, but they won’t cause your feet to overheat.

Sportful Fiandre gloves

I’ve saved perhaps the most critical element for last, and it's winter gloves. The best outfit in the world won't do you much good if your hands are too numb to brake and change gear.

The Sportful Fiandre gloves offer better dexterity than the chunkiest winter mittens, but they're built for truly harsh conditions all the same.

A Polartec membrane and fully-taped seams keep water on the outside, and a fleece liner keeps your fingers snug on the inside.

These zipped neoprene cuffs add an extra layer of protection, and there are silicone grippers on the inside of the palm and fingers for maximum control.

Whatever your autumn and winter needs, there's a high performance and stylish Sportful Fiandre product for you.

This feature was created in association with Sportful. Saddleback is the official home for Sportful in the UK and Ireland.

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