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The world’s fastest race lube

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2 Nov 2021

Three years of development and real-world testing could help Muc-Off’s new Ludicrous AF lube live up to that claim

A Grand Tour winner plus multiple podium finishes in its debut season. Twelve medals racked up at the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Such impressive cycling efficiency that it requires lower power consumption than its nearest rivals.

What are we talking about? A world-class rider? A frame moulded from curvaceous carbon? Deep-rim, drag-defying wheels? No, we’re talking Muc-Off’s Ludicrous AF lube, which is no longer the sole preserve of the pros but is now available to recreational cyclists of all abilities and experience. But only for those who are looking to ride faster and longer, while doing your bit for the environment. Interest piqued?

Innovation and investment

Muc-Off’s Ludicrous AF has been in development for three years at Muc-Off’s new R&D facility on the south coast. In that time, the world’s leading lube experts have formulated, tried, tested and reformulated numerous iterations before concocting the world’s fastest race lube.

It certainly proved its speed credentials at the 2021 Giro d’Italia where Ineos Grenadiers, including the winner Egan Bernal, secretly used the lube to devastating effect. The British team played an integral role in the development of the Ludicrous AF, as did EF Education-Nippo and Canyon/SRAM. In fact, it’s not the first time that Ineos Grenadiers (formerly Team Sky) and Muc-Off have collaborated – the partnership has created several performance-focused lubricants including the acclaimed Hydrodynamic lube.

‘Since partnering with Muc-Off we have enjoyed seven very successful years together, marked by wins on the road and an ever-growing range of innovative products,’ says Carsten Jeppesen, technical director at Ineos Grenadiers.

‘Muc-Off shares our ethos of continuous improvement, and this latest launch is a great example of this and working together. The partnership is an excellent case study of how we operate as a team and how they operate as a company.’

Cutting friction, boosting speed

Praise indeed. But what’s behind not only the speed claims, but also the durability and environmentally friendly claims? We only know so much about the proprietary formula, the result of a seven-figure investment in new, cutting-edge equipment, but at its heart is the unique molecular structure of the lube.

When applied, it penetrates deep into the chain links. As you pedal and the chain moves, the molecules within the formula react with the surface of the chain, resulting in a ‘fluid sheer plane’ that reduces friction and, in turn, cuts power loss. It’s like an aero skinsuit for your chain.

That’s not all. Muc-Off’s Ludicrous AF cleverly features self-lubricating capabilities and is made using synthetic polymers. Compared to wax-based lubricants, this cranks up durability, ensuring you can enjoy optimum performance for mile after mile, whether that’s ascending Hardknott Pass on a cold, wet, winter’s morn or descending Cheddar Gorge on a hot summer’s afternoon.

More important than all of the performance claims, of course, are the Ludicrous AF’s environmental credentials. As part of Muc-Off’s Project Green initiative, which as of July 2021 had seen over 94 tons of plastic eliminated through change of practices and materials, the lube is readily biodegradable. So you can ride fast with peace of mind.

Machinery matters

All of this couldn’t have happened without not only the work of Muc-Off’s growing band of chemists and engineers, but also a wealth of new machinery that’s redefined what is thought possible from the humble bike chain.

Take the tribometer, which helps to measure friction in microscopic detail. Or the interferometer that zooms in on the smallest scars of wear and tear. Then there’s the bespoke dynamometer, used to replicate chain movement in race conditions.

Throw in government-sponsored research into bike lubrication alongside two leading laboratories – The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and The Laboratory of Government Chemists (LGC) – and you can see how Muc-Off has established new, world-leading standards in the development and testing of bike lubrication.

Independent testing verifies the power-saving and durability claims, while to celebrate the launch of the game-changing product, Muc-Off has unveiled its new Performance Hub.

Visit to discover the lengths the British brand has gone to in the pursuit of performance, from its friction-slashing oversized pulley wheel system (LOPS) to a deeper understanding of the chemistry at play.

Ludicrous AF lube is available for £49.99 from and through its global dealer network

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