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Maap 100% S3 sunglasses review

23 Mar 2020

The new 100% S3 glasses blend form and function – and these ones get a style upgrade from clothing brand Maap

Cyclist Rating: 
Great field of vision • Lightweight • Contemporary looks
Pricy • Lens marks • Touches helmet

American brand 100% continues to muscle in on Oakley’s territory, and the 100% S3 is its latest weapon, bringing together elements from two of its previous sunglasses, the Speedcraft and the S2.

The 100% Speedcraft is the company’s statement glasses – all angular lines and massive lenses. The S2 is 100%’s understated offering, with a softer, more traditional shape. 

The S3 doesn’t replace either set of glasses. Rather it complements them by being a bit of both. 

The lenses are pretty vast, like the Speedcraft, but the shape is a little more refined, like the S2. The frames don’t fully enclose the lenses, like the Speedcraft, but the arms are slim and elegant, like the S2.


Buy now from Sigma Sports for £170

100% offers the S3 in a range of colours, but if you want to add an extra element of funk, you can opt for one of these classy colourways, which come from a collaboration with Australian apparel brand Maap.

A blend of pink, deep blue and purple – with a flash of fluoro yellow – they certainly stand out. The look is flamboyant enough to suit the brand’s racing champion, Peter Sagan.

Frame shape

Big lenses are very much on trend at the moment, and the 100% S3 is up there with the biggest. It makes for an amazing field of vision.

Combined with the lack of any frame around the sides, there are virtually no blind spots, which helps with confidence when riding in a pack or in busy traffic.

The curvature of the lenses ensures there is no light leakage around the edges, and the tiny gaps between the lens and the frame at the base of the glasses keep the lenses from misting up (although I can’t be sure if it would be any different if they weren’t there at all). 

Fit is excellent, and I found they remained clamped to my face in all situations, without ever feeling like they were squeezing my head. The nose piece isn’t adjustable but it stayed put on even my distorted conk (let’s call it Romanesque) without slipping. And should you lose the removable nose piece, the package comes with three spares. 

One issue I did find was that the height of the glasses – while useful for maintaining vision while riding head-down on the drops – meant the top edge came into contact with the front of my helmet.

It never proved a major problem, but I could see it being an irritation for some people if the helmet pushes the glasses down on their face.



100% says the lenses for the S3 are scratch-resistant, shatter-resistant and impact resistant, as well as hydrophobic and oleophobic to repel water, oil and dirt.

Certainly, after weeks of riding with them, the S3 lenses looked as pristine as they did when they arrived, although they did pick up thumb prints fairly easily, so each ride had to start with a thorough lens cleaning.

Beyond that, the clarity is excellent, offering good protection in bright light without affecting contrast.

I was also very pleased to see a separate clear lens in the box, which can be easily swapped with the dark lens. This isn’t something every brand offers, but I think for riding at night or on particularly gloomy days, a clear lens is a must to protect eyes without impairing vision.


Buy now from Sigma Sports for £170


On the Maap website, the 100% Maap S3 glasses as marked as €200 for the blue pair, and €180 for the pink (I’m not sure why the price difference). That translates to around £180 and £162, although at the time of writing they are available at Sigma Sports for £170 and £153 respectively. 

That puts them in the bracket of expensive-but-not-outrageous. Among the 100% line up, the S3 is similar in price to other models such as the S2, Speedcraft and Racetrap.

Compared to the competition, the S3 squares up price-wise against the likes of the Oakley Jawbreaker or Poc Crave.

For 33g of plastic, it may be a hard price to justify, but few items of cycling wear make a statement quite like a pair of sunglasses. And few sunglasses make quite as dramatic a statement as 100%.


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