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Adidas goes off-road with release of The Gravel Cycling Shoes

17 Aug 2021

Having taken the dive back into cycling last year, Adidas has jumped on the off-road revolution with a new pair of gravel shoes

All aboard the hype train. Adidas has released a brand new pair of gravel shoes inventively named The Gravel Cycling Shoes.

Having recently made a return to the cycling shoe game for the first time in 15 years with the Road Cycling Shoes and the Velosamba Cycling Shoes, the iconic German brand has now decided it wants a piece of the off-road market. Does anyone know the German word for zeitgeist?

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While the previous two launches have been very classic Adidas in their looks, the design team have gone a little more off-piste with this one... although it still does look a bit like an astroturf boot.

Bobby Dassler

The first thing you might notice about The Gravel Cycling Shoes is the colour, with the headline choice a rather loud bright blue and orange. If that's not for you don't fret, there's an all black option too, though sadly for the Adidas purists its three stripes are black not white.

Buy The Gravel Cycling Shoes now from Adidas

As for the build, it has some similarites with the road shoes having been made with Primegreen, which Adidas describes as 'a series of high-performance recycled materials' that accounts for 50% of the upper. It also has the same lace closure system and synthetic outsole.

On these though the sole has been given some TPU walking pods that provide grip and comfort if you do need to unclip and walk and, of course, these are two-bolt cleat compatible. There has also been added reinforcements in high-wear areas for added durability.

You will also notice the integrated cuff that extend the shoe around the ankle, keeping dirt and the like from getting to your feet with a snug, sock-like fit.

Buy The Gravel Cycling Shoes now from Adidas

They are a touch more pricey than the road shoes but at £160 they're a lot more affordable than many gravel options on the market.

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