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Vision launches new Metron 45 and 60 SL Disc wheels

12 Jul 2021

Premiering with Bahrain Victorious and EF Education-Nippo at the Tour de France, Vision has upgraded its racing wheels' aerodynamics

Vision has launched new Metron 45 and 60 SL Disc wheels, promising improved aerodynamics and better performance via stiffer carbon rims, new hub technology and aero spokes.

Currently premiering at the Tour de France with Bahrain Victorious and EF Education-Nippo, the two sizes are built to cover the varied gradients and the fast flat stages respectively.

Whether they're enough to carry Rigoberto Urán to the maillot jaune is doubtful, however the brand says the aim of the project was to produce 'the most aerodynamic and performance-enhanced wheels in the world'.

Unidentified Foam Objects

The handmade carbon rims have been optimised for 28mm tyres, with the clincher/tubless-ready versions both having 21mm inner rim width. Vision says this creates a 'compact and unique structure' that is aerodynamically superior.

Something the brand calls 'space-derived foam' has also been added between carbon layers to bring down the weight while maximising stiffness – we're assuming air space not outer space.

Vision's new 'PRS technology' has been deployed in the hubs. It uses a 72-tooth engagement system, to bring the angle of freehub engagement down to a quick 5 degrees. They're also available with either a SH11 or XDR freehub.

Finally, the 'top of the range' Italian-made spokes are aero-bladed and double-butted in stainless steel.

Sight for sore thighs

Both the Metron 45 SL Disc and Metron 60 SL Disc come in clincher/tubeless-ready and tubular versions, with the 45 and 60 indicating rim depth. It should mean that the 45 is the all-round performer, capable on cobbles, climbs and in cyclocross, while the 60 is mainly for fast, flat races.

They are also impressively lightweight, coming in at a claimed 1,390g for the 45 and 1,460g for the 60.

Pricewise there's not too much between the two, with the 45 costing €2,006 (about £1,724) and the 60 slightly more at €2,058 (about £1,770).

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45: €2,006 (approx £1,724); 60: €2,058 (approx £1,770)