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Check out EF Education-Nippo's Giro d'Italia kit

Unfortunately, there are no ducks this year. However, there are plenty of flags

Joe Robinson
7 May 2021

Remember the Giro d’Italia last year when everyone went ducking mental at Education First, Rapha and Palace skateboards for collaborating on a special jersey that had a few ducks on it?

The UCI was apoplectic that a team had the audacity to do something a little different and so came down hard on them with fines, failing to see the upside of kids who had never even heard of Jonathan Calceido or the Madonna di Campiglio suddenly snatching up anoraks and cycling shorts at retail price with the sole purpose of selling them on at twice their value to a fellow hype beast.

It was quite the controversy, or ‘disruption’ as Rapha expertly branded it.

Well, ducikly, this year’s jersey switch-out is a little less quackers because instead of aquatic birds, creepy faces and skateboards, Rapha and EF Education Nippo have collaborated on a more poignant message than ‘disruption by duck’ with the ‘Euphoria’ collection.

No relation to Loreen’s iconic Eurovision-conquering anthem from 2012, Rapha describes the collection as a ‘kaleidoscopic creation, designed to celebrate people from different backgrounds and nations coming together in pursuit of a common goal’.

How have they done this? Well, by designing a vexillologist's dream: a rather lovely jersey with flags on it!

The American team have swapped out their usual pink – to avoid a colour clash with the maglia rosa of the race leader – for a black jersey base emblazoned with a series of abstract flags with definite nods to Japan, Brazil, Bangladesh and Bulgaria all visible.

It’s simple, it’s classy, it’s effective. And ironically, it’s not even the most ‘out there’ jersey at this year’s Giro. That award goes to the Israel Start-Up Nation posse and their ‘I’ve spilt red Fantini wine on the sofa’ tie-dye look.

Obviously, Rapha will be selling this new ‘Euphoria’ collection from its stores and online in due course, however we expect it not to be as popular as last year’s range so no rush.