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The Education First Rapha x Palace kit goes on sale, with a twist

The most eye-catching cycling kit in a while can be bought from Rapha albeit with a catch

Joe Robinson
5 Oct 2020

Remember that mental Rapha x Palace kit Education First wore at the Giro d'Italia presentation last weekend? Well, turns out it wasn't a weird shared dream, it was real and now you amateurs can buy the kit, too.

That's right, London-based duo Palace Skateboards and Rapha have not missed a trick here and from Friday 9th October, the entire Rapha x Palace EF Changeout kit will go on sale.

Last week in Sicily, the American WorldTour team raised eyebrows when they walked out at the Il Giro adorned in ducks, triangles and two faces of two men, the identities of whom nobody seems entirely sure.

It was a thing of marketing brilliance, akin to Budweiser constantly shouting 'Wassup' and that Austrian bloke jumping from space for Red Bull, the sheer 'disruption' caused by the kit got everybody talking.

In fact, the new kit was so edgy that those squares at the UCI decided to slap Jonathan Vaughters riders and staff with a 4,500 Swiss Franc (£3,700) fine – 500CH each – on day one of the Giro for 'Non-compliant clothing during podium obligations (Team Presentation, 01 October 2020)'.

The UCI then followed up on the fine with a statement as to why it was implemented.

'All jerseys must first be submitted to the UCI in their final version for approval… including in the case of a temporary change of jersey for an event, in particular, to avoid it resembling another team jersey or a leader’s jersey in the general classification, as well as any prohibited sponsorship,' the statement read.

'The EF Pro Cycling team displayed a different jersey than the one previously submitted to the UCI during the presentation of the teams for the Giro d’Italia 2020. As a result, the team deliberately failed to comply with the regulatory process and was fined CHF 4,500 by the UCI Commissaires’ Panel. The team was then invited to regularise its situation by the UCI, which allowed it to start the race with this jersey.

'The UCI would also like to point out that the proceeds of the fines are distributed as follows: 50% to the National Federation organising the event, 50% to the UCI.'

Of course, Vaughters's anger at the UCI was all a show. Being fined for such outrageous kit is exactly what the marketing bods at Rapha, Palace and Education First dreamed of. Just look at the column inches, this story included, that this kit has occupied. 

It was all just a tapping of the bass drum for the fact the kit will be going on sale later this week.

It is set sold in incredibly limited numbers, according to Rapha, which only heightens the exclusivity, something that a brand like Palace is fairly au fait with. Did somebody say resale?

And being streetwear, the collection is more than just the men's and women's Pro Team and Aero jerseys, Pro Team bibshorts and Pro Team socks. 

The collection will include the Poc Ventral helmet, a multicoloured cap, a trippy musette, and plenty of casualwear including a rad skater hoodie, tee shirt and jumper and cool snapback. And as for our personal favourite item, it is the white gore-tex jacket which feels like something a Stormtrooper would wear had he played Tony Hawk Pro Skater in his youth.

Prices are yet to be revealed but we expect them to cost a pretty penny as it is a combination of Palace and Rapha.

But there is a crux, dudes. You can only secure this gnarly Rapha x Palace drop is you are a member of the Rapha Cycling Club (RCC), its paid-up community of riders. And to make it that more galling, the drop will only be accessible to those RCC members who signed up on Sunday 4th October or before. Yes, that was yesterday.