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Cyclist magazine issue 121: on sale now!

1 Dec 2021

In this issue: Dame Sarah Storey; New Cervélo R5 tested; Suffering on the Stelvio

Photo: Patrik Lundin

Issue 121, January 2022, of Cyclist magazine is on sale now. Subscribe to Cyclist here or buy issue 121 at the Cyclist Shop.

It’s the last issue of the year, and I have to ask, ‘What happened to 2021?’ It’s not a rhetorical question; I really want to know where it has gone. It seems like only yesterday that I was waving a tearful farewell to 2020.

Actually, as I recall, I shouted a heartfelt ‘good riddance’ to 2020, a year of perpetual lockdowns, cancelled holidays and postponed events. Which is possibly why 2021 seems to have whizzed past in a blur. It may have had its fair share of restrictions, but by comparison to the previous year it was a riot of freedom and frenzied activity.

For starters, we managed to get out of the country again to replenish our dwindling stock of Big Ride features (you have no idea how close we came to presenting the ‘Undiscovered roads within the M25’ Big Ride).

While it was wonderful to go abroad again, it meant negotiating the minefield of PCR and rapid antigen tests, differing and constantly shifting rules of border crossings, periods of quarantine and the perpetual threat of a return to lockdown. Like boy racers at the traffic lights, we spent much of summer waiting intently for amber to turn to green.

To add to the fun, rides in various parts of Britain had to be executed against the backdrop of the busiest holiday season that this country has ever witnessed. It can be quite tricky to present a ride in the idyllic solitude of the Lake District, for example, when every road is host to a honking tailback of motorhomes.

Still, we persevered and sought out the routes (often gravel) away from the madding crowds so that we could once again refill our barrel of Big Rides to keep you entertained and inspired over the dark winter months.

The upshot of all that commotion is that I have finally come up for breath and discovered that the year is nearly over. Crash, bang, smash – done.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who has had a frantic 2021, so perhaps what we all need is a short break to unwind and reset, somewhere warm, somewhere with good cycling. If only there was a way of knowing where best to go…

Pete Muir Editor

What’s in issue 121?

My big, fat Greek getaway: In northwest Greece lies Epirus, a region of rugged coastlines, hidden beaches and sprawling mountains. It's the perfect place for a late-season escape

Neverending Storey: Dame Sarah Storey recently became the most successful British Paralympic athlete ever. And, as she tells Cyclist, she has no plans to stop

Oude Kwaremont: The Flemish climb of Oude Kwaremont has a bite worse than its bark, but is still so good they named a beer after it

Age of innovation: This collection of bikes – owned by an Australian in Belgium – includes some gems from a period where technology began to win out over nostalgia

Winter kit picks: Cold, wet, windy, dark... not a problem with the right winter kit, as chosen by the Cyclist team

Double trouble: Few cycling events are as challenging as the Gran Fondo Stelvio Santini, which serves up not one but two of the hardest climbs in the sport

For all this and much more, pick up your copy of Cyclist issue 121, on sale now.

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