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Tempo Deco road shoe brings Fizik's premium features to (slightly) more accessible price point

Emma Cole
13 Apr 2022

Fizik says its newest shoes use advanced materials but are minimalist in design

The Tempo Deco is the latest road shoe to be released by Fizik. The Italian brand says the Tempo Deco borrows a lot of the technology from its top-tier shoes like the Vento Stabilita Carbon, but use a simpler design to bring the cost down to £279 – still a healthy sum, but a good deal less than the flagship models. 

The shoes are clean in design, using a single Boa Li2 dial to fasten an asymmetrical closure system.

They make use of Fizik’s stiff R2 carbon fibre sole and have an upper made from a polyurethane laminate-mesh composite fabric. Fizik says this creates shoes that are comfortable and supportive despite claiming to weigh just 228g for a pair of size 42s.

The shoes sit just under the top-tier designs in Fizik’s range, bridging the gap between the £359.99 Vento Infinito Carbon 2 shoes and the £214.99 Tempo Overcurve R4 shoes.

Minimalist design

The Tempo Decos have the brand’s trademark minimalist design. Fizik says it focussed on simplicity for the Tempo Decos in order to place emphasis on the ride experience.

The shoes have a slick, minimal pattern with subtle perforations on the upper and come in four different colours, black/black, white, aubergine/black and iridescent.

Asymmetrical closure system

The Decos have an asymmetrical closure system and use one Li2 BOA dial.

Fizik claims this dial is smaller than previous iterations and is bi-directional, which the brand says allows for increased adjustability and so offers a better rider fit.

The closure system has an asymmetrical shape, with the throat of the shoe curving over the foot from its outside to its inner side, the same as the Fizik Tempo Overcurve R4s do.

The Tempo Deco's asymmetrical closure system adds to the shoe’s clean look.

Top tier materials

The Tempo Decos feature an upper made from polyurethane-laminated material combined with mesh which Fizik says creates a comfortable and supportive shoe.

The Tempo Decos come with the Fizik R2 carbon sole, which the brand says saves weight and has a stiffness index rating of 10, which according to Fizik makes it the stiffest sole it offers. (There's no standard scale for sole stiffness, so don't read too much into the specific number.)

Stiff soles are said to improve power transfer, although they can sometimes negatively impact comfort.

Improved temperature regulation is also said to be a feautre of the Tempo Deco, thanks to a wide vented inlet which Fizik says provides a cooling airflow system to help regulate temperature.

A final feature worth mentioning is that Fizik says the Tempo Decos feature a rearward-positioned cleat.

According to the brand setting the cleat slightly further back compared to traditional settings provides better pedalling efficiency and reduces knee compression, making it better suited to riders with a more aggressive riding position.

However, this varies for everyone as fit is specific to the individual.

Fizik Tempo Deco specs, price and availability

The newest road shoe in the Fizik Tempo range, the Tempo Decos cost £279 and weigh a claimed 228g in size 42.

Fizik’s Decos come in four colours, black/black, white, aubergine/black and iridescent and will also be available in Wide Fit.

The Decos cost £279 / $299.99 / €290 and are available now from

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