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The MIN.D California is a US-made, superlight version of Open’s MIN.D bike

Emma Cole
17 Mar 2022

New bike made in the same ‘Project California’ R&D facility as the Cervelo RCa. Photo: Marc Gasch

Open has released a lighter version of its MIN.D bike, the MIN.D California. It is made, as the name suggests, in California and weighs a claimed 775g for the frameset, which is 75g lighter than the claimed weight of the regular MIN.D.

The MIN.D California frameset will cost $7,500 (plus sales tax) or €7,500 (including sales tax), which is the equivalent of approximately £6,290.

Open MIN.D California: Old contacts with new tricks

Photo: Caleb Kerr

The bike’s designer, Gerard Vroomen, was a co-founder of Cervélo and while at the brand helped set up Cervélo Project California.

The facility the project ran out of, headed up by composite fabrications expert Don Guichard, was responsible for both the Cervélo R5Ca and RCa models. At 675g and 667g for the frames respectively these are two Cervélo bikes that arguably redefined lightweight bike frame production.

The Cervélo engineering project at the California factory concluded in 2018, but Vroomen, now with Open, rekindled the relationship to produce the MIN.D California.

Vroomen and his Open co-founder, Andy Kessler, the former CEO of BMC, say that the MIN.D California is lighter and stiffer than the regular version and offers more dynamic riding.

Open MIN.D California: Modern technology, classic design

Photo: Marc Gasch

The MIN.D California is essentially a road frame with retro look. Rather than aerodynamic efficiency and integration, Open says the MIN.D is about light weight and simplicity. The MIN.D California’s geometry is unchanged from the original MIN.D and it uses the same integrated seatpost.

Open says that where the California stands out is in its weight and stiffness, thanks to a revised carbon layup.

The brand says the bike is stiffer in all directions except in the continuous seat tube where Open claims it provides even more flex than the original MIN.D.

Open attributes the developments to the use of new production tools and materials, as well as the expertise of Guichard.

‘Every gram of carbon represents at least one headache in developing this frame,’ says Vroomen.

‘The end result is a lighter, stiffer version of the regular MIN.D.

‘The way it climbs and corners just has a different feel to it than you're used to.’

Open MIN.D California: Weight loss

Photo: Marc Gasch

The MIN.D California is around 75g lighter than the standard, with the frameset weighing a claimed 775g including the integrated seatpost.

Its raw carbon finish which means it only has minor finishing.

Open must be confident in the frame’s construction quality, for the brand is leaving it on show by deciding to offer the MIN.D in a raw finish as standard because it is ‘such a special frame’.

Recognising this won’t appeal to all, the brand has conceded to offering some standard custom paint options that will add cost (and weight: approximately 30g dependent on finish choice).

The MIN.D. California is compatible with Shimano Di2, SRAM eTap, Campagnolo EPS and 1x mechanical groupsets and will be available in sizes S to XL.

In the UK, the frameset is available at

Open MIN.D California: Specs

Photo: Marc Gasch

  • Price: $7,500/€7,500 (approx £6,290)
  • Weight: 775g
  • Availability: Now

Open MIN.D California: Geometry

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