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The new Adidas indoor cycling shoes are called The Indoor Cycling Shoes because all the other names were taken

Joe Robinson
16 Dec 2021

New indoor training-specific cycling shoes are latest in Adidas's comeback to cycling

Adidas's comeback to the cycling shoe market continues to march on with the German brand's latest release, The Indoor Cycling Shoes. 

As you can probably guess from the cryptic name, the Adidas The Indoor Cycling Shoes have been designed specifically for indoor cycling with design qualities that match the 'high intensity demands' seen when using the turbo trainer, spin bike or exercise bike. Mr Big will know all about that.

Adidas say the new shoes are 'designed to provide breathability, comfort and performance' headlined by a paper-thin upper created from recycled materials with two open mesh windows for ventilation and a single velcro strap closing system. 

The shoes appear to feature the same fibreglass-reinforced nylon soles found on The Road Cycling Shoes, while a hooked heel loop and rubber heel and toe cups finish off the details.

At a glance, it appear Adidas has opted for a very unstructured, sock-like upper with limited stitching that will wrap around the rider's foot.

General Manager of Adidas Specialist Sports Celine Del Genes said of the new shoes that 'our ambition is to cater to the needs of a rapidly developing new cycling culture by creating accessible high-quality products that empower more people to clip in and ride.

'The Indoor Shoe will help cyclists get even more out of such a beautifully intense and rewarding version of the sport, by providing the breathability, comfort and performance in even the most intense sessions.'

Adidas will release the new shoe in three colours – white with white stripes, black with white stripes and coral with white stripes – at a price of £110 (€130) which seems about right for users of Peloton and Digme fitness. 

This latest release will sit alongside the iconic brand's existing cycling shoe range – The Road Cycling Shoes, The Gravel Cycling Shoes and the Velosamba commuter trainers.

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