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Rapha has just released a coffee machine and hell yes it's almost £3,000

Joe Robinson
16 Dec 2021

Working with Rocket Espresso, 100 limited edition machines will be available to RCC members

Coffee is cycling's thing, isn't it? So we guess it makes complete sense that Rapha has just released a coffee machine and a very expensive one at that, too. It was only a matter of time, wasn't it?

The new machine from Rapha is not exactly new but a collaboration with 'Rolls-Royce of the coffee world' Rocket Espresso on one of its existing machines, the futuristic-looking R Cinquantotto.

This particular machine will be limited to 100 made-to-order units, each numbered, and only available to members of the Rapha Cycling Club.

It's black with pink with silver details in keeping with club colours and will cost £2,735, including taxes and duties, thank heavens. The only thing that could make it more Rapha would be if the machine had a job at PWC. 

To be fair, the R Cinquantotto is a proper piece of kit. It comes equipped with dual boilers which allow you to steam milk and boil water simultaneously, water which can be brought in directly from your main supply as this particular machine can be plumbed in, if you fancy it. 

If not, there's an internal water reservoir that you can fill up from your Brita. Either way, all your water is pulled through into the machine from a commercial grade rotary pump. None of your amateur rubbish, eh.

The dual independently operated PID controlled boilers also claim to guarantee 'optimum extraction of any coffee type or roast style' . If that weren't enough, Rocket has also transferred machine functions to a removable touch screen communication pod. All Rocket machines are fully servicable by the brand too.

The RCC R Cinquantotto espresso machine goes on sale today and can be picked up here. Alternatively, follow Gennaro Contaldo's advice and just buy yourself a £30 mokka pot.

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