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Ludicrous AF: Muc-Off launches 'world's fastest race lube'

16 Sep 2021

Muc-Off says its latest lube leads to 18% lower power consumption than its nearest rival and its performance actually improves over time

Muc-Off has launched Ludicrous AF, a brand new lube built to maximise speed, durability and sustainability, with the brand claiming it to be 'the world's fastest race lube'.

Developed over several years in the lab and tested in 2020 by Muc-Off's pro partners including Ineos Grenadiers, EF Education-Nippo and Canyon//Sram, it's already played its part in a two Giro d'Italia victories.

And the AF stands for exactly what you think it does.

Muc-Off CEO, Alex Trimnell, said, 'The challenge has been to create a Grand Tour-winning lube that combines both speed and sustainability. I couldn't be more stoked with the results; the world's fastest race lube, which shows that being green can be fast.

'Developed with our pro teams at our in-house R&D facility and supported by independent testing means we have ticked the box of hardcore tab and real-world testing as part of our chain optimisation and lube development programmes.'

It didn't come cheap either, apparently requiring a seven-figure investment that went towards investing on state of the art machinery for its tribology department including a white light infterferometer, which helps them to accurately measure wear, and a dynamometer, which is used to replicated chain movement in race conditions.

Fast and Furious

How can a lube claim to be fast? Well, obviously it can't, but Muc-Off says it leads to 18% less power consumption than its nearest competitor.

This is because when applied, molecules in the lube's formula, once it's sat deep within the chain links and the chain is moving, react with the surface of the chain, which creates a sheer plane that helps to reduce friction, in turn maximising power efficiency.

Buy a bottle of Muc-Off Ludicrous AF now

Muc-Off says it's been through hundreds of repeatability tests and it's been examined against Absoluteblack, Ceramicspeed and Silca equivalents.

On top of that, the brand claims Ludicrous AF's secret formula has the ability to self-lubricate and includes synthetic polymers, which help it to last as long as possible in all conditions and temperatures.

While the formula might be secret, Muc-Off is more than happy to say that the ingredients come from renewable sources and are 100% biodegradable, as it looks to build on its Project Green initiative to improve the sustainability of its business.

We go front, back and side to side

For a 50ml bottle of Muc-Off Ludicrous AF, you'll have to part with £49.99, so you can quite easily watch the pounds drip down onto your chain.

Buy a bottle of Muc-Off Ludicrous AF now

With the launch, Muc-Off is also opening up a new Performance Hub on its website to give customers a closer look at how its top tier technologies are produced including Ludicrous AF and its oversized pulley wheel system LOPS.

For more information and to find the Muc-Off performance hub visit


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