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Get up to speed with dhb's 2019 Aeron Speed range

20 Jun 2019

The Aeron Speed range by dhb, updated for 2019, is the perfect choice for the early morning rider looking to steal a few extra hours of training. In association with dhb

There are few more rewarding feelings than riding into crisp, fresh air at the start of the day – before the morning rush hour and the traffic that comes with it.

Of course, that does come at the price of the piercing sound of an early morning alarm, and often a chilly start to your ride. So it’s important to soften that blow where possible.

Enter dhb’s Aeron Speed collection. Whether you’re aiming for a marginal improvement to your training level, or the satisfaction of setting a personal best on your local loop before work, dhb promises that its Aeron Speed range will provide a dash of comfort in amongst the challenges.

It also showcases the impressive technical expertise that dhb has amassed – and continues to improve upon thanks to ongoing intensive feedback from pro riders.

All-day aerodynamics

‘For us in the team, I think this is the ideal training kit,’ says Rob McCarthy of UCI Continental racing team Canyon dhb p/b Bloor Homes. ‘It’s probably the one you’d choose to wear on a really long ride where you still want to go quickly.’

Canyon dhb use Aeron Lab kit to race in, alongside a few items from the Aeron Speed collection. Outside of race day, however, the Aeron Speed collection is comfortable enough to be the preferred choice for a long day in the saddle. As its name suggests, though, this hasn’t come at the cost of performance.

‘The data is pretty impressive in showing the difference aerodynamics can make in terms of watts,’ says McCarthy. The data he’s referring to is information gleaned from testing the fabrics used in the Aeron Speed jersey and shorts in the wind-tunnel.

The jersey uses durable Schoeller fabric on the sleeves to create a disruptive layer of air over the body to reduce aerodynamic drag.

The shorts also use the Schoeller fabric on the outer leg, while the longer leg length and slightly compressive material deliver further aero and recovery benefits.

The Aeron Speed jersey and shorts stop short of the ultra-tight fit that the most aerodynamic clothing requires, to make sure it has the movement and looseness to stay comfortable. As McCarthy puts it, ‘Save the skinsuit for racing, where you need a little boost!’

Rider feedback has always been a key part of dhb’s approach to design. In the case of the Aeron Speed range, Canyon dhb riders have provided invaluable input, especially as they use the kit day in and day out.

As a rider living in South West London, and riding out to Surrey without a support car, McCarthy faces all the pocket-packing temperature-swinging challenges of us mere mortals.

‘We give them a lot of feedback,’ explains McCarthy. ‘It’s amazing how many things you start to notice and think about when wearing kit every day.

‘A good fabric is crucial, along with seams that are nicely finished. Then there are small touches – things like the zip being durable and easy to use; pockets that are a good size, but not baggy; sleeves that are not restrictive, but are a decent length. The Aeron Speed jersey does all of that really well.’

For the early morning starter in particular, breathability and performance in both cold and warm temperatures are crucial to a good ride. 

Hot and cold

Even in the middle of summer, a 6am start can be a chilly one. The Aeron Speed is protective in colder weather thanks to its heat-retaining Miti-Asteria Pro fabric, but when the mercury rises it has the breathability and UV protection that matters.

‘You don’t feel they get saggy with sweat when it’s warm, but then it’s still decent when the weather isn’t so good,’ McCarthy says.

‘When you’re going through the trees and through shadows in Surrey you can feel your temperature dropping by several degrees at times.’

For many, though, a long day in the saddle is more about the shorts, and specifically the chamois. The Aeron Speed uses the Elastic Interface Paris HP pad, which aside from providing vital cushioning, boasts a high-wicking top sheet made from recycled fabric to increase comfort on a long ride.

Perhaps none of that makes the 5.30am alarm any easier to face, but after an hour out on the bike it’ll make you that little bit happier that you braved the dawn start.

Marginal gains are hard to come by, and that’s how it should be, but with dhb’s Aeron Speed at least they’ll be gained in comfort.

Visit dhb's Aeron Speed page for more information